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Director’s Message

Vienna International Music School is a place where what we love is what we do.

Adequate music education should be available to all children. The mission of our school is to provide an engaged learning experience and challenge our students to grow and excel personally and musically as we educate them to become outstanding individuals who understand art, enjoy playing an instrument and have a lifelong relationship with music.

Active exposure to music has a beneficial effect on human emotional and intellectual development. Getting a proper education in music is not just about mastering the playing technique or learning to read music, but also about building the character, enriching the mind and acquiring the skills that will make a serious impact on your child’s development.
Learning to play an instrument stimulates the memory, improves language skills, slightly increases the IQ, stimulates cognitive abilities, and helps develop the spatial notions necessary in architecture, computing and mathematics.
Therefore, we exclusively hire teachers who meet the institute’s artistic and pedagogical standards and are fully aware of the importance and responsibility of our teaching role.
As an international music school in Vienna, we are large enough to offer significant musical opportunities and master classes with some of the leading artists and coaches from around the world, yet small enough to ensure a personalized musical experience by offering creative individual or small group lessons with our outstanding professors, in several different languages.
I invite you to check out our website to learn more about our institute, music programs, online or homeschooling opportunities and more. But I also invite you to follow us on social media, to visit us in person or virtually, to book a free trial lesson with us, as well as to register for one of the courses in the offer presented in our Music Shop.
The value of music education is immeasurable. In addition to all the benefits of learning to play an instrument, playing music is fun and if music is something you love and are curious about, the Vienna International Music School is the right choice for you and your child.

Dipl. OS Selma Aljovic, BA