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Why Choose Us?


About us

Vienna International Music School is rated as one of the best private music schools in Vienna. We understand the impact of music education on the children and strive to provide a high-quality learning experience with the highly qualified music experts in our team. Our students have the benefit of attending outstanding individual or group lessons, as well as Program Plus courses. Individual online schooling and homeschooling are to be found in our offer as well.

Teaching Staff

Vienna International Music School is a multilingual, diverse and very well-connected collegium dedicated to establishing high-quality music education opportunities in Vienna and abroad. As a student at the Vienna International Music School, your child will have the opportunity to study with our exceptional music teachers and faculty who are graduates of the world´s top music universities.
We exclusively hire teachers who meet the institute’s artistic and pedagogical standards as they play a critical role in shaping children’s experiences outside of the home environment. The learning experience of our students and their parent’s satisfaction with our teaching staff is our highest priority.


The Vienna International Music School is a private music institute in Vienna with its own specially developed evaluation program for students of all ages. The teaching plan and program is based on the work plan for music schools recommended by the Austrian government. Examinations in the Vienna International Music School are held annually. By meeting the exam requirements, every student receives a certificate recognizing the knowledge they acquired during each year of study. Students are assessed individually for accuracy, phrasing, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, interpretation, tone, style, singing or playing technique on their exams. The Vienna International Music School offers support and is glad to recommend outstanding students who decide to deepen their musical involvement and education by applying for enrollment in a college of music.


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