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Terms and Conditions


People of all age groups who wish to acquire knowledge in a specific field of music or on a specific musical instrument included in our offer can apply for enrollment at the Vienna International Music School (VIMS). In the case of underage children, only applications from parents or legal guardians can be considered valid.
It is important to contact the management of Vienna Intenational Music School before each enrollment. If the purchase of the course and thus the conclusion of the contract is made through our website, VIMS management will contact you immediately afterwards and proceed with the enrollment.
Vienna International Music School reserves the right to require an entrance exam for enrollment. Vienna International Music School also reserves the right to reject course applicants without explanation.

The contract, if one chooses a course of 5 or 10 months, is concluded for an indefinite period and can be terminated in writing by the course participant of full age or parents of the course participant, subject to a notice period of two months with effect from the end of the month, but no earlier than the end of the minimum contract period. The minimum contract period is specified in the General Terms and Conditions.
Depending on the chosen course, a course can last 1 or 2 school semesters. Thus, the contract is concluded for a minimum of 5 or 10 months (1 or 2 school semesters).
One semester consists of 15 lessons of pre-determined duration, while two semesters consist of 32 lessons of pre-determined duration. There are no classes during vacations as well as public holidays.
For more information on public holidays and vacations, please see the following link:
Contracts for two-month courses (6-8 Weaks Try Out) or other courses from the “Program Plus” offer are concluded exclusively for the period specified in the description of the course offer.

As per the recommendation of VIMS – experts, music school should be attended for at least 6 years to reach the level that meets the expectations and standards of the music school. This should be used as a strong credential for enrollment in higher education institutions.
Students commit to constructive cooperation and must attend classes well prepared. The basic requirement for successful completion of lessons is regular practice with an appropriate amount of time (contracting with the instrumental teacher, approximate guideline: beginners approx. 15min daily, for advanced students correspondingly more).
The Vienna International Music School is in no way liable for learning success, but only guarantees the instruction by the music teachers, if necessary equally qualified substitute teachers. The student shall not be entitled to be taught by a particular teacher.
The student contractually undertakes not to take private lessons with the professor who supervised and taught him/her at VIMS without the knowledge and permission of the management of VIMS. This clause is in effect both during the classes and for a year after the course has ended.
Vienna International Music School is entitled to terminate the present contract at any time, if the student does not achieve the learning goals or expectations of Vienna International Music School.

Participation in classes at the Vienna International Music School is only possible after the payment of the first installment of the course fee.
The course fee can be paid monthly by the 5th of each month, or in 1 or 2-course installments at the beginning of each semester within 10 days. If the course fee is paid in one or two instalments, the student is exempted from the registration fee in the amount of 60€. In case of late payments or per reminder, additional costs of 10€ each will be charged. This General Terms and Conditions paragraph does not apply to courses purchased online through our website.
Prior to any signed contract or online purchased course, with the exception of “8 Weeks Try Out” or courses from the “Program Plus” offer, there is the possibility of trial lessons with a twenty-minute lesson duration. Therefore, VIMS does not consider itself obligated to provide a refund after signing a contract or online course purchases, regardless of whether or not the advantage of the trial lesson option has been taken.
Note that in the event that a student fails to attend a class for personal reasons, there will be no refund of course fees.
Gift cards purchased from our “Gift Cards” offer can only be used within 90 days from the date of purchase.

If a student is about to miss a lesson, the instructor must be notified as soon as possible. If there is no acute case such as illness on the day of the lesson, a cancellation at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is to be submitted. Absences from lessons without any reason given will not be tolerated. Lesson cancellations on the part of the teacher of the Vienna International Music School must be made up . The canceled lessons can also – if pedagogically justified – be blocked, whereby the decision on this is the responsibility of the Vienna International Music School.
In case the participant does not attend the offered lessons, the Vienna International Music School is not obliged to make up for the lessons. Without a confirmed sick note from a doctor, only TWO missed lessons within a semester can be made up.
Students must be punctual in class and bring the necessary learning materials. The Vienna International Music School determines the location of the classes, if the “At School Program” is selected.
In case of participation in the courses from our “Online Program”, it is strictly forbidden to record classes and distribute them to third parties without the consent of the management of the Venna International Music School.

The Vienna International Music School is not liable for accidents, other events causing damage, or for lost goods of the course participants. The Vienna International Music School has advised the course participants to take out appropriate insurance for such cases.

The course participants undertake not to endanger themselves or others and to handle the school property and instruments with care. The course participants or their legal representatives are liable for damages.
In case of gross violations by the course participant, serious offenses, especially drug or alcohol consumption during, before or after the lessons or at the place of lessons or other grave reasons, the Vienna International Music School is entitled to exclude the course participant from the lessons without refund of the paid course fee.

The Vienna International Music School offers its services exclusively in accordance with the above-mentioned General Terms and Conditions (GTC). GTC applies as a contract between VIMS and the student (customer) / their legal representatives. The above regulations apply to all legal relations between VIMS and the student/customer or their legal representatives, even if not expressly specified.
The present contract shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.
Ancillary agreements, be they oral or written, are invalid.